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ACL Reconstruction is surgery to replace a torn anterior cruciate (ACL) ligament in the knee joint. ACL injuries most commonly occur among those who play sports involving sudden stops and changes in direction quickly. While playing they make movements that can put a lot of stress on the knee in some cases, ACL gets damaged termed as ACL tear or ligament tear.Since ligaments in our body are the tissues which attach one bone to another bone, similarly the ACL holds the bones of the knee joint helping to keep the joint stable.
In case of partial or slight tear of Anterior cruciate ligament Physiotherapy may help heal the injury but in case of complete tear the ligament is supposed to be replaced or reconstructed by Orthopedic Surgeon.. 
The purpose of ACL reconstruction surgery is to restore stability of the injured knee.
ACL surgery typically involves reconstructing the ligament using a graft and is done using a minimally invasive, arthroscopic approach .

Why it’s done

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament as mentioned above is one of the two ligaments that crosses the middle of the knee joint connecting  thigh bone to shinbone and helps stabilize the knee joint.

ACL reconstruction is recommended usually in the following cases:

  • Patient is an athlete who wants to continue in sport
  • More than one ligament has been injured
  • Meniscus tear that requires repair
  • The injury is limiting everyday activities
  • Physiotherapy has not provided relief

How to decide for ACL Surgery

An Orthopedic Surgeon recommends ACL reconstruction surgery considering several factors, to list a few are as follows:

  • Age. Generally ACL repair is recommended for young patients but there are no age restrictions for surgical intervention.
  • Activity status. Patient’s activity level is an important factor to decide for the surgery as ACL reconstruction surgery benefits young patients who actively participate in occupations or sports that involve jumping, pivoting, or rapid deceleration.
  • Associated injuries. Patients with multiple knee injuries such as ACL tear with torn meniscus or fracture, or medial collateral ligament tear  (MCL) generally benefit from ACL reconstruction surgery to prevent significant activity restrictions.

Recovery after ACL Surgery

ACL reconstruction surgery followed by Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation can usually restore stability and improve function to the knee joint. Complete recovery typically takes about 9 months or for athletes it may take upto 12 months.Within the first few weeks after ACL reconstruction surgery, along with certain pain medications, the patient is taught to regain a range of motion equivalent to unaffected knee joint. A progressive Physical therapy/Physiotherapy after ACL surgery helps to regain the strength of  the muscles surrounding the knee joint hence improving flexibility.The Physiotherapist will teach a set of exercises that are supposedly to be performed under expert’s supervision

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

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